I need to find a sutta (SN12.70)

In this sutta, a man come to see arahants, and ask them if they have super powers or jhana. They say that they don’t have super powers and jhana. That man doesn’t believe them, then that man come to Buddha and ask him about these arahant. The Buddha say that super powers and jhana are not relate to englightment.
Anyone know what is the name of that man and the name of that sutta? Thanks!

It’s the Susīma Sutta (SN 12.70). But the arahants don’t say that they don’t have jhāna. They only say that they don’t have the formless attainments. They are “liberated by wisdom” (paññāvimutta).


Thank you for the link and correct me

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To confuse things, IIRC the Chinese parallel does mention jhana I think (and implies no need for even this). That differs from the Pali though, and generally some level of jhana does seem to be associated in the suttas with non-returning and above.

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