"I never hope to see you again!"

Funny scenario: only in a Buddhist context, can one say “I never hope to see you again!” and have it technically be a compliment and sign of solidarity when someone is on their deathbed.

Obviously I would never say this to someone dying.

But it was a funny thought that occurred to me a while ago.


yeah, like ‘get lost now, you needy fool’

At Savatthi. There the Blessed One said: "From an inconstruable beginning comes transmigration. A beginning point is not evident, though beings hindered by ignorance and fettered by craving are transmigrating & wandering on. A being who has not been your mother at one time in the past is not easy to find… A being who has not been your father… your brother… your sister… your son… your daughter at one time in the past is not easy to find.


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Only if you know that they don’t want to be born again :slight_smile:

Majority of “Buddhists” these days don’t plan on attaining Nibbana in this lifetime.

A friend said to me once, “if I have any money I still owe you, any other debt, you better collect up now because you might never get a chance again.”