I started a new Meditation and Buddhism group in Denmark


Just so awesome! :heart_eyes:


Hi @scatterbrain!

This is a bit of a freakish coincidence, but I was literally just about to drop an email to the Copenhagen Buddhist Center to offer to give a Dhamma talk, before I leave Copenhagen for good in December.

My motivation was from some of the Anguttura Nikaya suttas, especially the Mahanama sutta AN 8.25. I was just reflecting that my behaviour for this year so far has been:

…(6) when he himself retains in mind the teachings he has heard but does not encourage others to retain the teachings in mind; (7) when he himself examines the meaning of the teachings that have been retained in mind but does not encourage others to examine their meaning; (8) when he himself has understood the meaning and the Dhamma and practices in accordance with the Dhamma, but does not encourage others to do so: it is in this way, Mahānāma, that a lay follower is practicing for his own welfare but not for the welfare of others.

So the sutta made me feel a bit guilty about leaving Denmark without sharing some Dhamma. I thought long and hard, and decided to share Dhamma in gratitude to the country that has hosted me for a year. Hence the thought of emailing the Copenhagen Buddhist Center (even though I was specifically warned about the extreme views of their main teacher… but I thought it might still be a good platform to share Dhamma).

But now that you are putting together this group, that’s even better! We can just meet and talk Dhamma yay! :smiley:
Sadhu sadhu sadhu! I’ll PM you separately. :sunny:


That sounds awesome! Answering the PM shortly with more detailed contact info :smiley:

I went to the Diamond Way guys a few months ago, and everyone was very lovely. Though it felt a bit uncanny valley… Buddhism, but with subtle differences, making it feel ever so slightly off…

They can probably offer a larger audience than my meetup group, that currently has… 2 people signed up. But I will happily host a meeting, even if only one other person shows up!