I wonder if this is how Daya should be seen in EBT

In suttacentral Daya is put almost like if it’s meaning Dana apart from fee. (a gift, donation; share, fee)
So I think it should be in place of fee. Friendly gesture. Because the following

But here it says


One should behave like his own self, towards others, his own relations and friends, him who envies him, and even his enemy. This is called Daya.
— Atri Samhita, Translated by MN Dutt

Any sutta reference where Daya is used in that meaning?

And for Dana


Even with limited income, something should be given away daily with care and liberal spirit. This is called Dana

I suspect different interpretations but probably the old meanings got lost with time.

I am not entirely sure what it is that you want replaced with what but daya traditionally has meaning along the lines of compassion, kindness, pity, or mercy, depending on the context. Dana on the other hand is always associated with giving, charity, gift, donation, benefaction etc. If you stop yourself from killing someone (even though you easily could), you are showing daya and giving them dana of life.

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In the sense of self retrain.

Giving Dana also.


Then is there a word of the blessing you get back?

Offhand I don’t know pali words for that but in current north Indian languages the closest words would be dua, āshirvād, or if someone is bestowing you with an exceptional (supernormal) blessing then it would be vardān. I don’t know if this helps.

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Thanks will keep studying. :pray:t4:

I forgot one case. If the blessing is just the result or reward for good deeds, the word used traditionally was punya.

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That’s where Pūjā comes from right?