Iceland legalizes equal pay


Now we can stay home and look after the kids.
Perhaps going for a golf game with a mate.

You’re going to have time for that while raising children at home? Poor kids.

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No. I can leave the baby with the baby sitter.
Why not I can’t take them to the gold course with me?

You only have one stream of income, since you are now a stay-at-home father on account of taking advantage of equal pay.

One person in the household is going to provide sustenance money and money to afford luxuries like babysitters while one member of the household doesn’t work?

What you saying is house wives don’t work?
What is the difference of a house husband?

We’ll have pay equality when the house wife or husband gets paid adequately, as well and companies are reimbursed. Otherwise something has to give. We will still need babysitters…

With metta

Iceland and other Nordic countries have been talking about a basic universal income for a while too.


Re-read our exchange if you want. The above is a non-sequitur.

Housewives certainly don’t make a salary. Neither would a house-husband.

To me, equal pay for equal work does not make any sense.
It is good in theory but not in practice.
I can get ten different quotes for the same job.
How this is possible if equal pay for the eual job?

It means that if you and I were both employees of the same company and had the same job, like we were both store managers or something, that my pay would not be less than yours because I’m female and you’re male. There isn’t an expectation that this applies between companies, as far as I know.


What if a female is the assistant store manager but does the same job of the store manager and perhaps more work?

That’s just called life. It happens all the time regardless of the respective gender of the assistant & manager. And if you position doesn’t say “manager” you aren’t going to be payed like one, regardless of how much more or less work you are doing.


The titles give you the answer to your question: one is Manager, one is Assistant Manager. Because they are not the same job, the equal pay principle would not apply.


This is how the new age discrimination works.
It does not matter how good, you are not promoted the next level.

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Yes, I think you’ve got a very good point here, and at least anecdotally (through the wireless) I’ve heard that calling exactly the same job by different names is precisely how some employers get around the pesky issue of decent, fair conduct. I guess you’d have to look at the legislation that’s been passed in finer detail to see if there are measures to protect against this… I trust your Icelandic is up to the task. :wink:

Setting this aside; I notice the title of this thread is “Iceland legalizes equal pay”, was it really illegal to pay people equally before this legislation? :smiling_imp: