Identifying the sutta in which Buddha quizzes a monk in a shed/barn

I was hoping you could help me find a sutta (no luck with Google!). In this particular sutta, the Buddha is looking for a lodging for the night, and is told that he could sleep in the barn or shed, but that there is already another ascetic there. The Buddha greets the ascetic, who is a follower of the Buddha, but the ascetic does not realize that he is speaking to the Buddha. The Buddha uses this as an opportunity to learn about the ascetic and how the ascetic views the Buddha’s teachings. For me, this is a lovely example of the humility of the Buddha and his leading through practice (i.e., he follows the same practices that he asks the monks to follow), as well as the leadership principle of “management by wandering”, also known as gemba. Any idea as to what sutta this may be found in? Thank you in advance!





MN 140 supports step 3 in the first tetrad of the Anapanasati sutta, where sensitivity of the entire body is called for:

" [3] He trains himself, ‘I will breathe in sensitive to the entire body.’[2] He trains himself, 'I will breathe out sensitive to the entire body."—MN 118

MN 140 refers to the five elements internally and externally:

“And what is the earth property? The earth property can be either internal or external.”

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Thank you to both of you for identifying the sutta!

This is such a wonderful sutta on so many levels :heart_eyes: So glad you found it :smiley:

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… And this sutta is also the inspiration for a beautiful Buddhist fiction novel 'The pilgrim Kamanita’. :smiley:


The full description of the sources for the book are described in “The Author’s Note to the First Edition—1906” in the preface to the book.