I'm looking for a Sutta - AN6.44

Greetings in the Triple Gem, Dhamma Siblings,
I’m trying to find a Sutta:
A devotee asks the Buddha about the rebirth of he’s father and his uncle. Th e father had lived a strict and rigid life according to precepts, and the uncle had continued to have sex with his wife and drink some alcohol, yet both were reborn in heavenly realms. The strict father was too attached to his virtue, and the uncle was able to partake of those worldly pleasures without detriment because he had no attachment.

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I believe you’re looking for this sutta: AN6.44 With Magasālā. Though it doesn’t match exactly what you said. Here the layperson is a woman, and the sutta only mentions celibacy, nothing about attachment.

Sir, Ānanda, how on earth are we supposed to understand the teaching taught by the Buddha, when the chaste and the unchaste are both reborn in exactly the same place in the next life?

It’s a very funny and informative sutta, indeed, about passing judgment when we can’t even see the full picture :slight_smile:


Yes, you’re right, it’s not exactly as I remembered it, but I think that must be the Sutta I’m looking for. It’s been quite a while since I heard it mentioned in a Dhamma talk.

Sabbe satta sushi honftu!


Great you found it. It may be a good idea to tick Ven @Sumano as the right answer. I took the liberty of adding the sutta id to the topic’s title. :anjal:

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I am pretty sure there is still something similar with a drinker, but I can’t find it at the moment.

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Do you mean Sarakani the drinker who later in his deathbed became a Sotapanna?


Yes, that’s exactly him! Thank you! I knew he was a Sakyan, but couldn’t remember his name Sarakani.