"In Search of the Real Buddha" : Dr. Peter Harvey

Checking out Facebook today yielded this interesting article:

I commented on Lion’s Roar and even got a “like” from them. Maybe drive some more traffic to SC?

Upāsaka Michael A welcome and well written essay from Dr. Peter Harvey that is much appreciated. Thank you.

For folks interested in some additional compelling and fascinating information about the historicity of the Buddha and the EBTs, this is highly recommended: https://ocbs.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/authenticity.pdf

I should mention credit to @dougsmith for the original shared post on FB…


Cheers, nice article.

The text on the linked page is really light (depending on your installed fonts). For anyone who wants to make it more readable, it’s super-easy. Just right-click on one of the paragraphs, “inspect element”, look in the right hand pane that gives the CSS properties for “body”, and deselect font-weight:300. :roll_eyes:

One can imagine a world where web designers understood typography, respected the reader and the font designer, and did not break readability for style. But that world is not this world. </rant>


:sunglasses: :+1:. If we only had a translation only based on emojis! It would be the highest in readability!


In fact, there exists a translation of Alice in Wonderland fully in emoticons. (I promise I won’t futher derail the topic mods! :grin: :innocent:)


Thank you! :wink:

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