Incorrect words?

On website : In Manuscript of Sanskrit Sarvāstivāda Vinaya and Sanskrit Mūlasarvāstivāda Vinaya, Division: Bhikkhu Pātimokkha (Turfan 11, Gilgit 2-3, Finot) the last section should be Adhikaraṇasamathā or Sekhiyā

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Sorry, can you please give a URL for this?


Thanks, I see the problem. The Adhikaranasamatha rules are mislabeled as Sekhiya.

@blake, can you look at this? I think it is a programming error, as the mistake seems to be systematic. Also, the Patimokkha rule names mostly end in long ā, this is incorrect, they should all be normal a.

@ToTo, I think our system has labelled some of your posts as spam. This is because you’ve made lots of posts with just a URL, and all of the URLs are similar. This looks like spam to the bots. In future, if you want to post a bunch of links, put them in one post, and include a description so the post is not just links. Meanwhile, I think we have identified the problem, so there’s no need to post the links, am I right?

Thanks for your suggestion and because I think it won’t be a problem (system allow me post 2 links but i have 6 links). Next time i will do that .