Indonesian Translation of MN118 - 'tubuh nafas' instead of 'tubuh'


The Indonesian version of MN118 lists ‘tubuh nafas’ which means ‘body of breath’. From what I understand, this is a controversial phrase as it is based on the commentary.

The English translation has two versions. The one by Bhante Sujato lists it as ‘breath’ with no ‘body of breath’ at all. Another one by Bhante Bodhi prints ‘body’ in black while ‘of breath’ in grey.

If it is preferred to present both interpretations, I would suggest that a remark be added such as the different print colours to let readers know of these differing viewpoints.

Hi Punna,

On SC we don’t interfere with the choices of the translators. This is a legitimate interpretation, and we respect the opinions of those who did the work. Nor do we, at present, offer notes on the translations.

Our approach, rather, is to open this forum where such issues can be discussed—so thank you for doing so!


Bentukan jasmani
kaya sankhāra: (Seluruh) tubuh nafas/(sabba)kāya adalah (seluruh) nafas masuk-keluar/assāsapassāsā [MN 118]. Karena nafas keluar-masuk terikat dengan jasmani (kāyap­paṭi­baddhā), disebut kāyasaṅkhāra [SN 41.6, MN 44]

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@sujato @hendro.yang Ah, I see. Thank you for the clarification and discussion!

@hendro.yang Terima kasih tautan ke dua Sutta tersebut. Saya sudah membacanya. Karena keduanya berkaitan dengan MN118, saya sudah terbantu.