Interactive diagram of Dependent Origination

I just started creating an interactive graph (nodes and edges) of Dependent Origination on The idea is to represent each cause as a node and each conditioning relationship as an edge between the nodes.

Clicking on each node (or edge) presents information from the Suttas about that specific cause or relationship.

For example here is the node for Ignorance:

Please let me know if you’d like to help out and I’ll give you edit access.

EDIT: I want to add information from multiple Suttas for a particular node/edge so it’ll be a very powerful tool if someone is researching a specific part of DO instead of the whole thing. So please make suggestions of Suttas containing information that’s currently missing.

EDIT2: I also want to make separate diagrams for other causal relationships described in the Suttas that don’t fall neatly within the DO formulation. If you can think of Suttas containing such relationships let me know :slight_smile:


Well done.
Amazing stuff.
Reminds me of the things you can do with but looks much better!

I would be interested in doing this. You would have seen the alternative suttas for sankhara in the other thread.

There is also a sutta for the causative factors for rebirth that will be important (tanha, vinnana, kamma, bhava causing rebirth if I remember correctly). Then there is the one causal pathway which leads to fighting. Another pathway that leads to papanca. Phassa leading to vedana, sanna and sankhara. Even the noble eightfold path, the five faculties (indriya), seven factors of enlightenment, the gradual path (anupubbihya sikkha), seven purifcations, three trainings (sila, samadhi, panna) are causal pathways.

with metta,


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This looks very cool, congratulations. I’ve long wanted to pursue something like this, but never found the time. These kinds of things can be great for just exploring, but also as teaching tools.

I’ll be intrigued to see what you come up with.


Good work. Interesting project! :sunglasses: