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Hi Everyone, and metta to all. Currently i’m trying to compile the Pali Canon and Dharma books in different languages and sorted by authors. This will be of great benefit to others since it will later on be posted to different forums and sites for many to download. I don’t mind sorting and naming everything myself but I feel it would be easier/faster if I had some help. I am currently starting with english before advancing to other languages. At the moment there are around 300 books in English which need to be properly named, and organized. If anyone is willing and able to help me on this, please message me directly so we can 1. meet via video call 2. get organized on the processes 3. work together on getting it done. Thank you for reading, sadhu :pray:


So we’re about tied then! OBU currently has 171 free booklets and 221 monographs*

If my database would be of any help to your project, you can download it as a Bibtex file here. And make sure to check out my list of existing Buddhist eLibraries in case either of us is missing one the other has (feel free to let me know!)

Best of luck on your endeavor! :grin:

* - though not all of these books are free or even about Buddhism per se, as OBU also expanded a bit into secular topics recently…


Nvm its not letting me direct message you :sweat_smile:

Thanks I’m going to be busy this weekend but ill check them out on Monday. I’ll direct message you the drive link so you may also add to your library if you wish.

with Metta, Fernando

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Hi Snowbird l, thanks for taking the time to write us a solution. We had a thoughtful moderator get us a PM chat room open. Have yourself a great day, be well

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