Internally, externally

Hi, have been pondering the refrain from the Satipatthana (Analayo). The commentary on internal/external is unsatisfactory. One can be subjective and objective and both to ones own, body, feelings and mind however one can only experience other phenomena objectively. It is unrealistic to think you know the subjective experience of another. Analayo says there is scant evidence in the old suttas to explain this. Any ideas would be welcome.
Another thought comes to mind. Is internal/external dualistic, subject - object. Is both internal and external experience non-dualistic?

I’m having difficulty understanding your question

Did you mean subjectively here?

I would say that internal means what you have access to and what others don’t have access to.

External is what everyone has access to.

But it is the internal that interprets the external, so everyone sees the external differently.

So one can only experience other phenomena subjectively. There is no external, only the internal. In short, nothing can be truly known, except for the 3 characteristics (all phenomena is anicca, dukkha, anatta).

This video gets the point across, especially near the end, just ignore the false conclusion they make (eternal soul/atman)

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