Interpretation of Nanda Sutta


While searching for suttas about being drawn to sensual pleasure, I stumbled upon Nanda Sutta (Ud 3:2)
Sutta text
I found this text to be quite odd.
Monk is distracted from practice after meeting a girl; Buddha summons him and shows him even greater object of desire and says that he is

guarantor for getting 500 dove-footed nymphs

; monk starts to practice diligently (because of desire?); other monks mocks him for that but he practices anyway with success - he attains realisation.

Is this discourse simply about practice being effective even when started with wrong motivation? What am I missing here?


It’s skillful means. It’s better to practise with wrong motivation than not to. Next after the mocking, the purification of motivation comes about and practise improves.


Thanks for your answer.
After writing original post I also found translation of parallel sutta here

that seems to be filling the gaps and - at least for me - makes much more sense.

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