Interpreting the Lohicca Sutta DN 12 - is it about certain groups or everyone?

Hello again!
Reading the translations available here, it appears that the Lohicca Sutta is about a Brahmin teacher withholding teachings to everyone. However, in Dr. Ambedkar’s rendition, it is specifically about withholding teachings from women and Shudras. I am inclined of course to trust Bhante Sujato’s faithful translation. And yet I am wondering on what basis Dr. Ambedkar might have drawn this interpretation? Or if later / alternative stories about Lohicca include such a mention specific to women and people of lower caste?
Thank you for any tips!

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The alternate version in Chinese makes it appear that Lohicca was insulted that the Buddha would take the liberty to teach him without being invited because he forms the opinion immediately after they meet (they meet twice in that sutra). He doesn’t specify who should be taught or not. He’s just grumbling to himself, “They should keep their teachings to themselves!”

In the Pali version, it’s simply stated at the outset that Lohicca has that opinion, making it sound like a general philosophical position.


Interesting @cdpatton, thank you. The mystery endures. Ambedkar usually drew from something/someone in what he then interpreted in his particular presentation. I am still on the hunt!