Introducing Advanced Search


What is UID? :smiley:


Don’t ask me—I’m not the technician. I just copy what I see… :grin:


Can we get a list of such advanced functions? Even making a post here would be good.


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The legacy edition is “legacy”. It’s frozen at the point we shifted to the new version, which means it doesn’t get any updates of texts or parallels.


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This is actually a long term idea, not necessaril "goal’ just yet as it is not agreed upon. But when I want to refer to aomms, I still use the VRI site, and there is no simple connection between text and commentary, even at the sutta level.

It would be quite simple to divide the commentaries per-sutta and have a “read the commentary for this sutta” function. Even cooler would be “read the commentarial gloss for this term”. But that would be much more complicated, and maybe best left for a specialized app.

Anyway, even getting the commentaries per-sutta would be a win. it’s just getting the people for the work, that’s all.