Introduction to metta sutta

Can you point me in the right direction to find a basic introduction to metta sutta please. This is to be used in a spiritual handbook we are compiling to give away at a meditation event in Sydney. I needed this information yesterday!
Much metta!


There’s a good intro to the Karaniya Sutta by Ven. Silananda Sayadaw, that I just happened to come across a couple of days ago – an essay in a newsletter published by the Tathagata Meditation Center (San Jose California. He explains the background, reads the Sutta, and discusses it’s structure and meaning, in about 3 pages of text. (The talk/essay is substantially the same as one Ven. U. Jagara gave in another venue near here a couple of years ago, so there’s a high degree of confidence in the interpretation.)

The newsletter I couldn’t find on the internet, but was able to scan the article into a .PDF file (about 7 MB). This I could attach to email and send to you if you’re interested. (you can just “ping” me at to communicate the email address.) – if this is permitted in SutterCentral protocols…

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Laurence Khantipalo Mills commentary on Snp 1.8

Wikipedia (!) introduction

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Thanks Derek… both are really good, I need a hybrid between the two may be. not too light not too heavy… thanks again for your prompt help.

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Try this one:

with metta



There is also Bhante Gunaratana’s new book “Metta” which is very accessible for newcomers :slight_smile:

are you referring to metta in plain English by Bhantge G? but copy right is an issue looks like, attached is a link for an extract which seems suitable for the purpose but their copyright disclaimer is worrying me.
Any thoughts on using or not using it.

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Here are Wisdom Publications’ permissions. Depending on how much you want to use, you might have to contact the marketing department.


Couldn’t comment on the copyright issue, but yes Metta in Plain English is very good for beginners I would think, and even has a chapter going section by section discussing the sutta.

If it were me, I’d just give them the sutta. It seems self-explanatory. Reading it aloud would be really good.

Thank you that was very helpful.

Mega thank you to all for shedding some light my question. I have settled with the following and the book is going to print today…

Metta Sutta Background Storey 12/04/17

Benefits of Metta 12/04/16

Ajahn Brahmawamso Teaches Loving Kindness Meditation by Stevben Goodheart 10/04/17

Bhante Henepola Gunaratana Over coming ill will 14/04/17

Metta Sutta Pali : 16/04/17

Metta Sutta English: 16/04/17