Introduction to Pali at Wisdom & Wonders

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“What’s done is finished”

So, we are finally there. Version 1.0 of the course is finished with all 16 lessons and accompanying exercises complete.

I’ve had a truly wonderful time helping to put this course together and we at Wisdom & Wonders would like to thank everyone for the help and encouragement. Special thanks to @brahmali for allowing us to make this contribution and for giving the lessons in the first place, and @Vimala for audio editing and making the suggestion for us to host the course.

Thanks also to @musiko for finding an extra audio file, and alternative versions, which means that the course is as complete as we can make it, and thanks to the Pali learners who have actively been engaging with the course over the past months - your almost daily return visits have been very very encouraging indeed. :heart:

If you find any errors or have any comments, criticisms, ideas for improvement, etc., please contact us by leaving a message here, or you can contact me directly in a private message.

Ignorance and the root of suffering

Sadhu sadhu sadhu :pray:


“You wait for ages for an offline version of the Introduction to Pali course to come along, and then two arrive at once!”

Yes, you heard it right. Not one, but two versions of Introduction to Pali ready to download - full of offline goodness for you to take away into the wilderness.

See here

Ajahn Brahmali---Introduction to Pali Offline Course---Wisdom & Wonders 2018

I’m a little slow but…Thank you Stu.
I will download this and take it back to Dhammasara with me. I know there are a few of us who haven’t done Warder yet and who will enjoy and benefit from your work


Thanks for thinking of us out here in the Thai wilderness and making a shrink-wrapped offline version! :nerd_face: Can’t wait to learn me some Pāḷi!