Is a sense of conviction about past life memories associated with particular techniques of recall?

I had an email conversation with a hypnotist who hangs around BSWA circles. He said it is quite common for people he regresses back to not believe the memories they experience.

OTOH I’ve met people through Buddhist circles who had past life memories since before they encountered Buddhism They and monks who recalled past life memories through meditation had a deep sense of conviction.

Has this been the observation of others, that recall through hypnosis doesn’t have the same level of conviction as recall of past lives without assistance?

Does this hypnotist think the people he is talking about are right or wrong not to believe that the apparent memories they experience are actually memories?

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Perhaps there is a difference between suggestion and spontaneity? It all seems very subjective though, given the mind’s capacity to invent and create.

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Yes, however there is a subjective difference between day dreams, imagination, night dreams and past life memories. The later has strong sense of identification with the person. Also they do things which would be unexpected if I were to imagine it now.

That doesn’t entirely rule out the mind creating it, of course. But then even memory in the present life is created by the mind and is somewhat inaccurate.

However when increasing numbers of these stories are confirmed with actual past life times, if takes some amount of suppression to maintain the disbelief.

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