Is Altruism A Symptom of Suffering?

The article shows that a Marmoset will share more of it’s food with societal offspring in private, not so much when around the rest of the group.

When I read the article I couldn’t help but think that it is a matter of what is able to create the most suffering in each situation. While in private with a offspring, giving the offspring extra food removes worry or annoyance from the giver. Removing most potential suffering possible of generating in that moment. There being relatively less interaction to focus on, so the giver focus towards preventing suffering for itself, by removing the inevitability of the offspring’s needs. While with the group however the amount of potential suffering increases. Therefore more energy is focused in keeping the group content in various was to once again prevent the potential suffering it could face.

(Personal Opinion) The reason the baby gets more food alone then with the group has more to do with mental capacity. The giver is only able to focus on so many things at once, in a group it focuses on the maintaining the groups passivity, while with a single offspring it focuses on the passivity of the offspring.

Thought it was an interesting article, thought I’d share.


As a little child I was naturally kind to everybody, until I was brought up to understand that one had to use thinking as a guide for one’s own goodness - I’m happy to say that I was right from the start, and now it’s back to the starting point


IIt’s kind of a clickbait title, it’s more about how perhaps altruism initially starts it’s evolution in animals. Also it’s just a thought because you can find something like this that makes it feel like a mute point…

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