Is astral projection and mind made body the same thing?

do you need jhana to AP ?

From a general surface level perspective they seem very much like the same thing, but after researching astral projection for nearly a year and speaking to known professionals in the field, some famous, I’m convinced astral projection isn’t real and these people are just having extremely vivid and lucid dreams. So I would say, no, these people don’t have jhana, not even the wrong view jhana that the fire ascetics had, and certainly not the right view jhanas either (obviously).

The only person who maybe had real astral projection, is robert monroe, the father of astral projection who worked with the US military to develop it. I listened to all his tapes and interviews and some of what he describes sounds like the 31 planes of existence.

Aside from that, I would take the field as it stands today with a huge grain of salt.