Is committing suicide a sin?

Does a person who has taken his life intentionally deserve to be punished for that act of his?

Who is going to punish him ???

As we believe in pattichasamutpada. Dying at this moment will give you birth somewhere else. It is not going to fill the void. Or not going to correct our life …your death moment decided your new birth. And your habbits pass to your new birth…
So it’s better to get rid of bad habbits by doing corrective actions ( mansikara, meditation, knowledge, Dhamma, Vinaya,saddha,virya) before dying…

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In my oppinion, nobody can judge a person who does this. We all have not experienced what somebody very desperate in a situation like that has to go trough.

But as far as my personal understanding of Buddhism is concerned, I think it is not the right option. It adds to the suffering of others, creates big kamma. And that kamma is here to stay. One should always try to focus on reaching Nibbana instead, which - in an odd way - is like suicide itself, but without dying, and without the pain and the suffering for others.

Of course this is an easy thing for me to say. I am very sorry if a sad event in your life should be behind your question.


Buddhism doesn’t have the concept of “sin” or “punishment” Leave the judgement to the theists! Buddhists believe in compassion.


MN 130 may not be a popular sutta. :slightly_smiling_face:


True …the pain we inflict on our loved once. Parents ,partern and kids is beyond imagination…it’s like stealing from them …a mistake which is not going to correct. Kidnapping oneself and not going to return again…

I think committing suicide is not a sin. But he deserves to be responded by himself for that act of his.