Is Dhamma Sufficient For A Buddhist?

Q. By Tisarana and Pancasilas, if followed meticulously, can a seeker make an entry as a Streamwinner?
Sotapatti is the essential junction.

Can we stick to 4NT, N8P for Dhammadesana?

Abhidhamma is intellectual.
Good but can get tough.

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Ajahn Brahmali addresses some of this here: DO WE NEED TO LEARN THE ABHIDHAMMA


No, action is required. The removal of doubt entails direct experience of the second and third noble truths. In MN 19 is seen how before awakening, the Buddha investigated two kinds of thought and their results, one leading to suffering, the other to freedom. The practitioner must carry out a similar investigation. As the Buddha said, dhamma is hard to see for the ordinary person. The first dynamic in this is discerning how sila benefits samadhi.

“Skillful virtues have freedom from remorse as their purpose, Ananda, and freedom from remorse as their reward.”—AN 11.1

The second step towards stream entry is not to read Abhidhamma or suttas adressed at the arahant level, but those addressed to or delivered by Ananda, nuns, Rahula, learners, laypeople, or the Buddha before awakening.


I need Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha :sweat_smile:

For me, I follow this plan: Pariyatti, Patipatti, and Pativeda.

Pariyatti: Learning Suttas, some Abhidhamma, and some Atthakatha, according to my own pace.

Patipatti: Keeping five precepts, practice Dana, meditate. Try to improve myself in daily activities, to reduce greed, anger and bad temper.

Pativeda: Reflect on learned Dhamma topics, cross-questioning myself on Dhamma topics, and see things as they really are.


Abidhamma is the systematic analysis of Dhamma without any personalization like Suttas.

Might be similar to pure science.

I think Abidhamma requirement varies with ages as well as individually.

It’s obvious Abidhamma is not much required during Buddha’s time as contemporary average faith level was so high.

As today is the age of doubts, some can neither believe nor start to practise without studying fact details. Then comes the role of Abidhamma study.

As for me, some Abidhamma knowledge helps me a lot in pursuing my meditation & 4NT.

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