Is Filthy Frank Bad for Asian People?

Filthy Frank is one of the most popular Youtube personalities, known for his politically incorrect and completely insane style of humor:

It was Filthy Frank who started the global Youtube sensation of the Harlem Shake back in 2013:

Filthy Frank is half Japanese, and a great deal of his humor involves Asian stereotypes, but he riffs on all other cultures as well. It’s like he’s the Asian answer to Dave Chappelle or Carlos Mencia, who are also known for satirizing the absurdity of racism.

Since people of Asian descent are underrepresented in the American entertainment media, is Filthy Frank legitimately pushing the envelope to get attention, or is he doing more harm for the Asian community in the process?

looked at one of his videos for 30 seconds and wonder how can anyone take such a person seriously.

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Comedy isn’t supposed to be taken too seriously. Another thing is that stupid or silly comedy can be made in an intelligent way, like The Hangover or Dumb and Dumber.

you made a forum post asking people to talk about him: you take him seriously.


I guess enough to say he has a right to free speech.

The reason why I started this topic is because, while Filthy Frank might think he’s satirizing racism, there are probably many racists in his audience who think his comedy is funny because they are actually racist, which is a problem.

Hello @Kensho,

Whilst your intention is probably good I am also unsure what good a conversation about people that (using your term - with minor edits to fit them into this sentence)

could bring…