Is it 9 or 10 qualities of the Buddha?

Iti pi so Bhagavā
Arahaṃ Sammā-sambuddho
Vijjā-caraṇa Sampanno
Sugato Lokavidū
Anuttaro Purisa-dhamma-sārathi
Satthā deva-manussānaṃ
Buddho Bhagavā ti

Is it :
Anuttaro Purisa-dhamma-sārathi?

  1. Anuttaro
  2. Purisa-dhamma-sārathi

Another question is :

Why there is no
" Tathagata " in the list ?

Thank you .

Hmm, James, not much activity on either of our questions.

I’m obviously in no position to answer, but we can still have some conversation :slight_smile:.

Regarding tathagata, if it’s any consolation, I know the Thai forest version of chanting these recollections starts with “yo so tathagato, araham samma…”

Regarding anuttaro, I also would have counted this as a separate quality, but perhaps it is part of the next phrase, something like “an unexcelled teacher and tamer of people (willing to be taught)”.

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Thanks Matt .

I knew that in chinese version of
chanting services also starts with
" Tathagata " , in Mandarin 如来 。
Anuttaro 無上士 is one ,
Purisa-dhamma-sārathi 調御丈夫
which is another one .

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Anuttaro Purisa-dhamma-sārathi

In the Chinese version of Buddhanussati found on Chinese Agamas, Tathataga is mentioned before other 9 qualities, e.g. MA 8