Is it possible to give away one's lifespan to someone else likely to die at younger age?

Plz help me regarding my doubt as I cannot get answer to this plz help.

Sir please don’t consider this question as from a person who does not understand emptiness in terms of what is not the emptiness, nor from a person who does not understand path of Bodhisattva, nor from a person who has not even started walking the path led by Lord Buddha, nor from a person who enjoys asking such questions for the sake of asking on these platforms and testing others knowledge or showing off ones knowledge, nor from a person who desires benefit and happiness for himself only, nor from a person who does not try to follow basic 5 precepts, nor from a person who wants to enjoy life of only sense pleasures, nor from a person who values his own life more than lives around him, nor from a person who does not have any faith in triple gems, nor from a person who does not desire anything other than dhamma, nor from a person who thinks Mahayana(great vehicle) is different from hinayana(lesser vehicle) as there is only one vehicle, nor from a person who just asks questions based on his knowledge only and without pondering on it and without doing any dharma practice, nor from a person who thinks of himself as wiser and special among others but the question is from a person who have read some Mahayana texts & Theraveda text and can discern what is right and what is wrong upto certain limit and knows very very little about dhamma and I have a guru who knows enough dhamma and is pure of conduct unlike others, who as far as my knowledge goes has attained either the state of non-returner having no more birth on this earth or something higher or beyond what I know.
Sorry sir for this long introduction  and my question is can we increase someone’s lifespan if he/she is gonna die at the age of 35 years and is left with 10 to 12 years and does not understand dhamma and reality of life and does not completely know what should be done in this life, can I give that person my own lifespan? or can I perform the act of truth? And if I can then what should I do? Because I obviously don’t want that person to live forever as everyone dies someday without exception but I genuinely wish to increase persons lifespan by atleast 10 years so that he/she loves till 45 years.
Sir I do know birth and death are linked, one & the same…but the person knows that he/she will die and that person does not follow or try to follow precepts and he/she is born in family having devotion to Buddhism but that person does not know these many things.  This is genuine sir I will ask this question to my guru someday as I don’t think asking him now would be appropriate time.
I know how rare is person who knows dhamma and rarer is person who can give explanations regarding dhamma to others and I see you as someone who knows dhamma and Bodhisattva path and is one with the good conduct and as one living life according to dhamma and one who can give explanations to others regarding dhamma …I hope I could convey my question I request you to answer me please🙏 consider this as the person having less lifespan and me are one and the same… Thank you!

This is repost…

The best a practitioner can do for others is to develop their own mindfulness:

[The Buddha said:]
Just like the assistant Medakathalika said to her master:
“I will look after myself,”
so should you, monks, practice the establishment of mindfulness.
You should (also) practice the establishment of mindfulness (by saying)
“I will look after others.”

Looking after oneself, one looks after others.
Looking after others, one looks after oneself."—SN 47.19


So there is no way to increase lifespan of a person…even atleast till the age of 45?
And what about act of truth? Can it be done?

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In response to OP, nothing in EBTs suggest such a thing is possible or part of the path to awakening.


I like @paul1’s answer.

Some studies have shown that stress can cause early deaths:
“People in the study who had high levels of both stress and depression were 48 percent more likely to die or have a heart attack during the study period”

Other studies have shown that mindfulness (MBSR) can reduce stress in some people.
Google scholarly article search: “mindfulness stress reduction”

Mindfulness is not some panacea for a long life, but every little bit helps.


Hello @Saurabh . I hope that thinking along the lines of the Ratana sutta (found here: SuttaCentral), may provide you with some answer.

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There is the tradition of transferring merit. Meaning the good you have done you share it with others. It’s practiced a lot in Sri Lanka. But that’s not really a Buddha teaching. But the tradition I did see in sutta is that they will say a truth Buddha taught and say at the end May by this Truth may you be free from suffering or recite a sutta with the the teachings with the hope that the person feels better on their bed. The persons mostly are faithful already. That’s why the effect on hearing the teaching mostly worked on them. But during a Buddha is present many such things works. We are in a different time.

In Buddhism, the purpose is to attain Enlightenment, to become a Buddha. However the Suttas mention the Devas. The Gods are perfectly pleased when we take shelter in the Three Jewels, and many of them are part of the Buddha’s Sangha. If you are looking for a Supernatural occurrence, for a God to save someone you care about, you need only to turn to that God. Such as Narayan, who is mentioned in the Lotus Sutra. In Buddhism we can also turn to Avalokakitesvara, who has Supernatural Powers of a Bodhisattva, you can read about it in the Chapter devoted to Him, in my profile, Bodhisattva Perceiver of the World’s Sounds. However, from a Theravadin Perspective, your question may not as easily be answered, but this is not a lack of wisdom in the Theravada Tradition, just a perspective of focusing on Enlightenment. When one is truly wise, they do not grieve for body, because one who passes away is to take birth again. Namaste.

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  1. Life is uncertain, death is certain, why are you certain that they will die at age 35? Is it terminal illness with an estimated time of death? If it is that case, then perhaps the best chance is to have positive thinking, go for treatment, even alternative medicine etc. If it is fortune telling, why are you so certain about those fortune tellers? Kamma is going against fate, so one can accumulate more good kammas to change one’s “fate”.

  2. Along the lines of accumulating good kamma, then get the person whom you want to increase life span to do good deeds. Cultivate thoughts of non-ill-will, non-cruelty. Saving living beings, buy and release live animals who otherwise would go for slaughter (but do it wisely, release responsibly, don’t do it too large scale that it becomes a business model for the people capturing/breeding the animals), go vegan (every meal eat with compassion motivation). Keep first precept very strictly, not even ants/ mosquitos are to be killed (bacteria, virus doesn’t count, so eat medicine if sick).

  3. Donate food to monks/nuns. In our chanting for thanksgiving we have lines of: one who gives food to another, gives to the other 5 things too: long life, strength, happiness, beauty, and intelligence as the fifth. Having given long life, strength and beauty, happiness and wit, one is long lived and glorious, wherever one is reborn. For one who often pays homage, and always respect elders, 4 things increase: Long life, beauty, happiness and strength.

  4. Do guided metta, compassion meditation with the person, regularly, everyday. Add in mudita and equanimity too. For time of death can be anytime, so one can have equanimity when faced with death.

  5. Do the regular health thing to remain healthy. Exercise, don’t eat unhealthy diet or food, keep healthy weight, see the doctor for illness, keep all the precautions to prevent sickness (like covid), don’t get into jobs which are physically dangerous, eg. extreme sports, mountain climbing instructor, police, scientists studying radioactivity experimentally, etc. Don’t get into hobbies which are physically dangerous, eg. bungee jumping, parachuting, free diving into deep sea, etc.


Dear a Bhante
Thanks for this beautiful answer and reminder to all of us.

I hope the OP will find peace in it. That whoever he is concerned with about their lives could enjoy a mind at ease, happiness and peace towards the path leading to Nibbana. :pray:


Thank you bhante! Your words of wisdom relieved me a little. :pray:

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