Is it possible to link to specific passages in a Sutta Central translation?

I’d like to link to a specific passage in the Pali version of a sutra I’m translating to give readers quick access to the parallels. It seems this is impossible, however. Viewing page source for a sutta yields only JavaScript, and there are no ids on the [p] tags in the GitHub repo.


Yes, you can link to specific passages. For instance, take dhp1-20 here:
Turn on ‘View Textual Information’ and on the right side you see various numbers appear. Click on any one of those to select a paragraph. The paragraph should light up and the link is in the url. For instance

However, this system is a bit buggy and I think there is an issue for it to fix it. It does for instance not seem to work very well in MN10 as an example. There it scrolls to the right place but it does not highlight it. Also, multiple paragraphs does not seem to work very well either at the moment.


Aha! Thank you, Vimala.


A shortcut is to highlight one of the closest citation markers. On my device I press the screen for a second. A box pops up with options including copying the link to that paragraph.