Is it possible to standardise Sutta numbering?

Is it possible to standardised Sutta numbering?

Sometimes it is helpful to have a standard Universal Sutta numbering. For instance, when I listen to Sinhalese monk, the sutta number he quoted can’t find it, for instance, Sutta Central.
Do we have a World Buddhist Association or something which can address this issue?

Some discussions in Dhamma Wheel.


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Isn’t Sutta Central the Standard? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Bhante @sujato How and where you got the Sutta numbers from?
Which Tipitaka you used for your translation?


As I understand it, for the 4 main Nikayas, Sutta Central uses the same PTS sutta numbers as the translations by Bhikkhu Bodhi (and Maurice Walshe). In some SN and AN chapters this leads to numbering differences relative to the translations on other sites, such as or

From the information on each Pali sutta:

Pali text from the Mahāsaṅgīti Tipiṭaka Buddhavasse 2500: World Tipiṭaka Edition in Roman Script. Edited and published by The M.L. Maniratana Bunnag Dhamma Society Fund, 2005. Based on the digital edition of the Chaṭṭha Saṅgāyana published by the Vipassana Research Institute, with corrections and proofreading by the Dhamma Society.

Bhante Sujato has noted at various times that, in common with other translators, he consults alternative Pali editions, and commentaries, to clarify possible mistakes or ambiguities.

It would be great to have the various notes about his translations that has posted here collected in a way that they were easy to locate. :wink:


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