Is it unwholesome speech?

Is groundless allegations , surmise accusations considered unwholesome ?

I believe it is… though I’m not certain. Sarcasm could be as well, you know?

Then some people typing aimlessly to enjoy their own erudition in the light of their computer screen might be unwholesome and conceit led as well. Then there are others who ask questions when they know the answer or just to wind other people up.

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Perhaps to take an example , If I read on the news saying USA is eyeing on Iraqi oil and I believes in it , and I share it with another friend , but this thing has no proof , does this regard as unwholesome ?

You have to look inside and see what your intentions are. Someone could have wholesome intention but be mislead by another.

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It seems to me the news is logical , that is I think USA wanted the oils , of course , I could be wrong . And I think it is unfair or injustice which causes Iraqi peoples in turmoils . However , if it turns out otherwise , I already mislead my friend .

If your intention was wholesome (I.e. moral, ethical) then there is nothing to worry about.

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Per @Mat comment it depends where you are coming from oand if the informaiton is of real value to the person you share it with - is it likely to have wholesome effect?

If not, then it could be considered idle chatter, which is unwholesome (as a supporting habit for wrong speech).


I am not so sure .
Let’s take another example , if 2 person (in the beginning) on the SC were talking about the Myanmar refugees out of concerns , but it later turns to talking about China being the culprit behind it , so , does the culprit part became the idle chatter , right ?

Yes, anything that comes from unwholesome ground (searching for a root cause in countries or conspiry theory or whatever).

And even the Myanmar refugee situation may be idle chatter if there is no wholesome outcome. And I would rather think that those type of discussion (having read some here) can actually bring out a lot of unwholesome thought in a lot of people (me included - only I tend to not participate to avoid this).

But it’s a difficult balance. We need to express or read ideas in order to inform ourselves about our own bad tendencies. The tricky part is when you are not mindful and the defilments come storming out of the gate and you run with them instead of recognising them for what they are.


Wouldn’t intention be first for one to check upon.
“I would rather be concern about my own speech right now. Why am i asking these questions?”

Assuming could be wrong ,
If a person understand , then no question is asked . And if for those who might assumed other asking being sarcasm , arrogant , teasing others and having improper intention , they themselves showing they’re defensive ! Or they have double and triple standards . They might check out themselves .

Agrees . Requires more alert and trainings .
Less participation perhaps .
Thanks .