Is sending Metta a form of giving?

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According to Buddhism, there are 3 kinds of giving. Material, dharmma, protection from fear.

Can I ask where if sending Metta is a form of giving? If so which category does it fall under?


IMO it falls under Dhamma because Metta is loving kindness which is a mental state that we try to propagate. Dhamma has the meaning as the Buddha’s teaching and as well as mental stimuli just like sound is to ear. So when we extend loving kindness we are effectively sharing our mental state caused by Dhamma - mental stimuli.
With Metta

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Could you please elaborate the phrase of “sending metta”? What does “sending metta” mean? Could other person can feel something when we send our metta?

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Will the other person receive the ‘metta’ that you sent ?
If yes, then how is it received?

IMO, Whether the other person receives it or not is irrelevant. It is your intention to see all other living beings being happy and well as much as you would like yourself to be happy and well. When you do that perhaps others will notice a marked change in your outlook because you cannot extend loving kindness to others unless you practice loving kindness for yourself by maintaining at least the five precepts. When others observe this change in you may be they too will follow your footsteps thereby creating a whole world of happy beings.
Apart from that, I know from my personal experience, that when I sincerely extended loving kindness even those who were previously not very friendly became approachable to me. I do not know how it happens and I have heard others talking about similar experiences.
With Metta


So, if one is a nice person, then there’s more chance of other people being friendly to you;
And if you are a bad person, then there’s more of a chance that people won’t be friendly to you.

There are many cases of friendly people being liked and unfriendly people being disliked.

Is being friendly a form giving? I would say it is because one creates a non-hostile environment in which others can share in. An environment where fear is not needed.


Yes. This is my understanding from my admittedly limited practice of metta as well. So I vote for number 3, protection from fear.

The world is like a mirror
Reflecting what you do
And if you face it smiling
It smiles right back at you

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