Is the data in the legacy version of the same as the data in this new platform?

Sorry this question has surely been asked before… Is the data in this new Suttacentral platform identical do the data in the legacy version (that is the charts)?

(I prefer to look at the charts when I’m searching for a lot of parallels … I’m searching for Tibetan parallels to Pali sturas, and I want to be sure that I’m not going to miss any new data that you’ve entered if I use the legacy version of Suttacentral.

The data in the new site has been updated and will continue to be so, whereas the data in the old site will generally not be updated.

Having said which, so far as the parallels are concerned, the main updates have been with the Dhammapada. Other parallels tend to change only occasionally.

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Thank you!

For translation it’s very helpful to be able to look at the tables because one can much more quickly find an entire list of parallels and write them down, and then later go back and check each one out to be sure that the parallel contains the same material that one is referring to. For that reason, if it’s not a lot of trouble, some users (like me) would probably appreciate it if you update (and keep) the correspondence tables.

FYI the AIBS Tibetan Kangyur and Tengyur database seems to have been updated …and may have more material (and may be functioning better) . Unfortunately they don’t provide information on Pali - Tibetan parallels. But perhaps you could encourage them to do so, and exchange data to fill in your information on Tibetan texts.

You can do this on the new site using the “Cite” function. Each sutta card has a “share” icon; open it and click “cite”. This will give you something like the following, copied to your clipboard:

Parallels for MN 58 Abhayarājakumāra Sutta (MN i 392): T 1509.35; T 1521.11
Retrieved from SuttaCentral on Tue Apr 17 2018 09:36:50 GMT+1000 (AEST).

We also give the same information in table form, if that’s helpful.