Is there a Russian or English version of Sutta-pitaka in PDF or any e-book format?

Hello everybody! I am unbelievably glad that I found this site! It was real hard, being Russian and having no any knowledge on Buddhism, to get here. Could anybody please let me know whether Sutta-pitaka can be found and downloaded in any e-book format (epub, pdf, fb2 etc) in order to be read on Kindle? Because it would be great if I could read it not only at the computer.
Thanks in advance and happy new coming year!


Hi @skfir, great to see you here, and I wish you a long and happy journey with the Suttas!

As it happens, Ayya @Vimala and I are working on the ebook and pdf conversions right now. Our initial project is to ready the Portuguese translation of the Majjhima Nikaya. Mostly this is done. Thanks to Ayya Vimala’s scripts, and the consistent markup of all the texts on SC, it will be a relatively simple matter in theory to produce epubs and pdfs of any and all our texts. So hang on for a little while and we should have some English and Russian epubs for you!


Yay yay! Thanks mate!! Great news!

i kind of like this form of address, it’s refreshing, the more informal, the better :smile:


You should visit forum in website, there are many formats for suttas, and actually all suttas in russian language on were copied from website.

Hello Kleminda, thank you for the reply. Just the thing is the Russian site also has everything optimised for online reading. Perhaps I am wrong. I will look more, thank you again.

Yes you can look here

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Found some PDFs and FB2! Thank you!

Yes the main folder is here

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Great! Many thanks.