Is there a sutta called 'Aticari"?

Can someone help find above mentioned sutta IF there is one?

It’s the name of one sutta and an alternative name for another.


(referred to in the uddāna as the Nicchavitthi aticārinī)


Thank you bhante. I saw a sinhala translation of this and thought it was not very accurate and wanted to double check. I think it is quite important to translate with right words that will not mislead people (especially from my culture) to further put women down.
According to A.P. Soyza the reasons for a woman to be born in hell are:
ශ්‍රද්ධා නැත්තියක් වේද,(faithless) ලජ්ජා නැත්තියක් වේද,(shameless/someone who doesn’t care of what society thinks) භය නැත්තියක් වේද,(fearless) ස්වාමියා ඉක්මවා හැසිරෙන්නියක් වේද, (one who goes above the husband)නුවණැත්තියක් වේද(intelligent woman)

I am hoping someone who has a contemporary sinhala knowledge will volunteer to translate suttas for Sutta Central.


It would seem there are only 5 criteria for going to a hellish realm: Katamehi pañcahi? Assaddho ca hoti, ahiriko ca hoti, anottappī ca hoti, aticārī ca hoti, duppañño ca hoti—imehi kho, anuruddha, pañcahi dhammehi. I would consider taking on a project of this scale, but have constraints on duration of time needed.


That would be great! Even if you take 10 years it will be worth it! :pray:t4: I would like to help in whatever way I can.

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Thanks for that. The first step, having established the shortcomings in SC versions, would be to see if the current Mahamewna version is good enough?!

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