Is there an English translation of the Amatākaravaṇṇanā?

Very much interested in reading it!

A quick search in my library reveals only these reviews comparing it to the Vimuttimagga:

  • Bechert, H. 1989: “Vimuttimagga and Amatākaravaṇṇanā”, Amalā Prajñā:
    Aspects of Buddhist Studies, Professor P.V. Bapat Felicitation Volume, N.H. Samtani et al. (ed.), Delhi, 11-14.

Referenced by Analayo here, and:

  • Crosby, Kate. “Differences between the Amatākaravaṇṇanā and the Vimuttimagga-uddāna” Journal of the Centre for Buddhist Studies, Sri Lanka, 3 (2005.08), 139–151
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Ah, bummer but thanks!

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