Is there any online studies for Buddhist Studies M.A.?

Here in Indonesia, We have several campuses specializing in Buddhist studies for bachelor and master degree. But there is no one campus in Indonesia that offers doctoral programs in Buddhist studies.

Next year I will finish my bachelor degree, I think it will easier for me to take master and doctoral degree on foreign country especially Buddhist country… But, it will take very long time and my family isn’t allowed it because it’s need very long time.

If there is online Buddhist studies for master and doctoral degree, it will help me to continue my study. If not, well… I just can continue to master degree here in Indonesia. :sweat_smile:


@Jhindra, I found this list of programs in the United States, FWIW, and some may offer purely online credits. Best Places for Buddhist Studies in the United States - Tricycle

For those interested in online academics in Buddhist Studies, I have found the HarvardX and EdX online courses valuable, along with courses on Coursera Top Buddhism And Modern Psychology Courses, November 2019 | Coursera

It’s interesting to me that in the US, most all of the academics and certification in areas such as Clinical Pastoral Education ( an interest of mine ) are only within Christian schools or taught within the Christian context. If one wishes to become a Buddhist Chaplain, for example, the resources are quite limited. Here we have the Dhamma/Vinaya, the best, best, best spiritual and educational path, and yet at least in the US, there are just limited avenues to certification and education in Buddhism. Even some of the clinical pastoral programs that I have searched in Asia are Christian! :crazy_face:


Thanks for this information. :grin: But, I think It will be good if I’m study in foreign country that isn’t too far away from Indonesia… Well, according to my experience there is no one purely online courses. It will need 2-5 days/ 3 or 6 months to come to campus… :sweat_smile:

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