Is three-knowledge here meaning refuge in 3 jewels?

I’m a three-knowledge man.
consummate in knowledge,
safe & washed clean.

He used to believe in water-ablution

It appears so although it is not one hundred percent clear.
With Metta

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It’s very interesting. And something maybe are used for laypersons.

no, the threefold knowledges are the knowledge attained by an enlightened being:

it’s the difference between taking refuge in the three jewels and being one of them.

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Yes I know that but look at it good. It seems used different here. Because I wouldn’t think the new follower of Triple Gem will immediately announce the usual three-knowledge. Or in the sense that he will be on the way. Maybe they declare it before already in that sense. Because taken refuge and precepts leads to liberation.

go to the Awakened One for refuge,
go to the Dhamma & Sangha.
Take on the precepts:
That will lead to your liberation.

It’s not clear if he became a monk or stayed layperson.

Before, I was a kinsman to Brahma;
now, truly a brahman.
I’m a three-knowledge man.
consummate in knowledge,
safe & washed clean.

sorry - i didn’t see that this was from the therigatha.

these are a collection of utterances given by female arahants on attaining enlightenment. venerable punnika here is declaring that she had attained the threefold knowledge of an arahant.

i don’t know what venerable punnika did after attaining enlightenment.

i guess it partly depends on whether the female order of nuns was created by the buddha at that point or not. i’m not sure what female arahants did before the order of nuns was in existence …

best wishes.

Actually it was said by the person talking to the thera. But it seems that in the time of Buddha he let’s all get three knowledge before entering the Sangha.

you’re absolutely right. i’m sorry for confusing the issue.

unless the brahman had attained enlightenment, it’s unlikely that he had the three knowledges as tevijjo normally refers to.

i’m just looking at ajahn sujato’s side-by-side translation, and an alternative translation to tevijjo vedasampanno could be ‘i have succeeded in the knowledge of the three vedas’.

this could refer to the fact that he feels he has found the correct spiritual practice after being lost for so long, and has mastered the religious intent of the three bodies of hindu religious texts. this would be consistent with the theme of this poem, of someone trying to practice the hindu observances to attain good karma, but finding the true way to this goal.

apologies for the misdirection before.

best wishes.

No problem. Maybe. It’s not clear.

Yeah, I think in this case he’s just describing what he’s done prior to conversion.

C.f. DN13 “Well, of the brahmins who are proficient in the three Vedas, Vāseṭṭha, is there even a single one who has seen Brahmā with their own eyes?”

Yeah I think so too. But since he said about washed I thought they used instead of Triple Gem. Three-knowledge also