Itivuttaka by Anagarika Mahendra, where I can read it?

Hi, I have heard about the latest Itivuttaka book by Anagarika Mahendra, this website said today this book can be downloaded for free. But where I can download or get a copy of this book? :confused:

Itivuttaka - Book of This Was Said: Free Download on May 31, June 15 and 30, July 15 and August 15 Itivuttaka - Book of This Was Said: Free Download on May 31, June 15 and 30, July 15 and August 15 - Kindle edition by Anagarika Mahendra. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

Looks like you can read it for free via Amazon, but you have to sign up for Kindle Unlimited. Here is another translation by Thanissaro Bhikkhu:

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I have sign up for Kindle, but it says this book isn’t available in my country region. I have read the Itivuttaka in Bahasa Indonesia, I just want to read Itivuttaka by Anagarika Mahendra. :grin:

Beside the point, I know, but why on earth would anyone ever invest money and time in a platform like Kindle that doesn’t even let you actually own the books you purchase? (That’s a rhetorical question, I know why people do it!)

Hot take: if you can’t find a properly available file, contact the author and/or publisher and lobby for a version that isn’t hobbled by Amazon. Meanwhile, repurpose your Kindle as a doorstop.


Haha… :joy:

Thanks for your advice Bhante… :grin:

I tried using a Kindle that someone gave me, but I honestly still prefer to have a paper copy of something in my hands when I read (old school I suppose). With some of the Buddhist material I work with that is not always possible (either because it doesn’t exist or I cannot afford it), so I make due trying to read it/use it on my computer.

Got the same message: “Due to copyright restriction, the Kindle title you’re trying to purchase is not available in your country/region.”

Found it in Pariyatti: Itivuttakapali


I already have the copy of this book but Ven. Samanera Mahinda (ex. Anagarika Mahendra) didn’t allow me to translate it like SuttaCentral format unless I want to translate a whole book (with appendix and comments).

Currently, I’m waiting for Ven. @sujato Itivuttaka translation. :grin: