It's windy here

Hey guys, what’s up where you are?

I’m trying to do some work but the storm is just too awesome. Where I am, on Qimei, is just north of the epicenter of Super Typhoon Meranti, the “biggest storm of 2016”.

That’s me, right above the big red eye:

I know these storms are really dangerous and destructive, but I really like them.


Wow! Scary!

It’s just started calming down a little, I think the center has passed. We lost a few tiles, but nothing drastic. I stuck my hand out in the wind, it was like being whipped with gravel. But on the island we have regular strong winds, so everything is built for it. Having said which, this is the most powerful storm I’ve ever been in.

Now it’s on its way to China. I hope they’re going to be alright …


Whaaaa?! Whoa, that is intense :fearful: I can imagine some things (structures, creatures) are not going to survive that. :disappointed:

I was, like, getting all excited to talk about how I found a tarantula in my sink this morning. But now I just feel foolish.

Metta to China and Taiwan and the creatures!


I hope all living being in the trajectory of the storm are safe and well.

As a side note, Bhante, are you going to the Sakyadhita conference in Hong Kong next year?


I hadn’t thought about it. What’s the date?

June 22-28, 2017.

Okay, well we will have to see. I may still be around then, depending how it all goes.

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It is good to know that you are okay.

I have lived not far away from where you are Venerable @sujato on the Chinese island of Xiamen. The weather usually was very nice. But yes, it could get quite windy sometimes. Although I was lucky to never have been hit real hard.