I've found a typo. What do I do?


Hi. I’ve found a typo in DN.9, section 1.2, paragraph 10, first sentence.

In the English translation it has this:

  • Bhagavā avoca What do you think, Poṭṭhapāda?

It looks like a bit of Pali was inadvertently included.



You can post them here


Actually might I suggest here instead:

The bugs thread is more for something not working right technically.

But I will just note the typo thread is primarily for Bhante’s translations. It’s good to specify which translation the typo has been found in (and maybe even link to it for bonus points).


Oops, you are quite right (was looking for that topic and couldn’t find it :confused:)

This same error was already mentioned here Report bugs for the new site here! 🐛 in May '18, looks like it still persists :persevere:


:laughing: samsara can be like that!