Jaya Paritta Origin

Is there anybody who knows the composer and the time of Jaya Paritta?


Have you seen Jaya Manggala and Jaya Paritta - Dhamma Wheel ?

Yes I did.
I checked with some other individuals too and they all had just one answer.
“It is not a paritta from The Buddha Himself, but, had been composed by some unknown author, many centuries after Maha Parinibbana.”
So as far as I am concerned, nobody knows the composer or the time the Jaya Paritta was composed.

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Here’s some information from Ven. Ānandajoti, via Ven Dhammanando:

At my local Thai Wat it’s chanted every morning after the Thai Morning Chant, and at the pre-lunchtime chanting on Uposatha days and Sundays. I collected the sutta references for each verse here: Buddha-jaya-maṅgala Gāthā - Dhamma Wheel

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