Jhana the only safety in the world


Hi Dhamma Friends,

I could swear I read a Sutta and there was a line where the Buddha says, Jhana is the only safety in the world.

I’ve searched and searched on Sutta central and access to insight and I cannot find it. Perhaps we Im remembering it incorrectly and I was that’s Nibbana is the only safety, but I’m almost positive it was Jhana.

Has anyone else come across this or know what Sutta this is?




This might be worth a look?


This one? AN 9.52: Keamanan (1) (Indonesian) - Navaka Nipāta - SuttaCentral


Perhaps AN11.16

In the same way, I’m able to flee to safety through any one of these eleven doors to the deathless.

The jhanas are four of the eleven doors. Significantly:

‘Even this fourth absorption is produced by choices and intentions.’

I.e., for some, these four doors may not be enough.