Kaṭhina, dictionary definition

Is the definition for kaṭhina meant to read, “rough; hard; stiff. (nt.), the cloth annually supplied to the monks for making robes” rather than ‘clothe’?

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Yes, I believe so.

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Much thanks. It was more a gentle highlight than a point of confusion, but I’m so grateful you went to the effort to clarify - it’s really ramped up my appreciation of the readbility of SC’s version. What privileged times!

clothe is mentioned in the entry from the Concise Pali Dictionary which is notoriously inaccurate

therefore at lookup it’s recommended to focus on the entries from the PTS PED

… or, em… correct the inaccuracies. :grin:

guess it’s impractical when a better alternative is readily available

removal of entries which have counterparts in the PTS PED would be more useful