Kamma, a popular theory but not easy to practice

When we talk about KAMMA or KARMA, everybody knows what is it. Everybody can talk about their definition. There are a lot of cases presented proofing about it. KAMMA is available in every tradition or in every religion. What ever they called it is, the very basic law of cause and effect, exist in every where in this earth. But, it is just a theory. In reality, when we human face a problem instantly we create a new cause that will produce effects whether it is instant or not. And it happens until now.

Really? I thought kamma is not able to be proven due to the complications of:

  1. Many lifetimes are needed to be seen.
  2. One has to link actions to results.
  3. In general rebirth evidences only has about one past live tracing, so it’s hard to see the pattern from there.
  4. We all got good and bad stores of kamma, and experiences the good and bad results of them, it’s not easy to link which action to which results.
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Mostly, cannot, Bhante @NgXinZhao … but a few can :laughing: