Kamma or coincidence - finding Buddhism

Is ist Kamma or Coincidence that lets you get reborn to where buddhism is in effect? Do the Suttas say something about that?

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The thing it most has to do with is you ready to be a Buddhist. The workings of the Three Jewels, how the Buddha, the Sangha, and the Dhamma are affecting this world have to do with the fortune of your life being brought to Theravada Buddhism. Listen to the Bhikkus and Bhikkhunīs, they will show you the Path to the Buddha.

KARMA is like a bank account, your money (good, bad earnings) are stored there.

Present deeds and actions are like cash, you are building or destroying karma accumulations by volition.

Even in Abhidhamma, in a mind moment of 16 units, 7 Javana units are when you exercise choice or volition.

Not everything is choice.
Not all is fatalistic.
Nothing is coincidental.