Keeping moral precepts pure block kamma vipaka from growing

Hi!, some help needed here…

I’m pretty sure that I read sometime ago a sutta in which the Buddha said to Venerable Ananda something like this (in meaning not literally):

“The strict adherence to moral precepts block from growing the kamma vipaka (painful aggregates that are created from that bad kamma) from previous moral breaches”.

That is, as long as you keep your precepts pure, you are pretty protected from bad previous kamma vipaka from appearing (it does not disappear, it just cannot grow and mature as long as you keep your precepts pure).

The problem is that I just can’t find the sutta. I’ve looked for it in MN, other many books I have, but I’ve had no success, till now. But I am pretty sure I haven’t made it up. So…

Maybe someone does remember the specific sutta?

Many thanks in advance.

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It’s probably AN 3.99; this is currently the best English version online.

Here is Piya Tan discussing it.

Thanks for the quick answer, daverupa.

I reallly like the sutta you said (AN 3.99), I feel it as very deep and simple at the same time. But, I feel sure it is not the one I am looking for.

Maybe I was not able to express it the way I intended. I rememeber that:

  • it was said, by the Buddha, directly to Venerable Ānanda.
  • perhaps I should have said: “the meaning but almost literally” instead of “in meaning not literally” (I am from Spain, and I am afraid my English is a bit rusty, ackward…:slight_smile: ).

The problem is that I when I read it I didn’t know about DN, MN, SN, AN, … and I read a lot and, obviously, my memory is not as good as I would like.

Anyway, thanks very much for the hint!. I’ll keep looking for it. When I find it (…), I’ll post it here.

could this be some sutta outside of the Pali Canon?

I heard a Buddhist monk.
It had also refer to the article written by a Buddhist monk.
Buddhist monk explains, citing several scriptures.
“Detailed Description” is difficult because you are not familiar with English.

*see: AN 3:99
*see: 1. MN 66 2. MN 66


Buddhist monk Buddhist scripture connects several mentioned.

*see: 1) MN 57

  1. SN 42:2
    SN 42:2

SN 42:3
SN 42:4
SN 42:5