Khanda consciousness vs Cloud consciousness

If we, eventually, as the Buddha did, can remember countless past lives then the memory of these lives is stored somewhere.

I think the Buddha said that, due to anatta, at death, the five Khandas are destroyed. This includes the Khanda of consciousness.

So how is the rebirth process happening that allows the memory of past lives to be accessible?

Is there another form of consciousness not associated with my present Kandas?

I propose the concept of a Cloud consciousness similar to the computer cloud technology.

I once asked a symilar question on memory of past lives to Ajahn Brahm with the online facility after a meditation class. The answer must be on one of the Dhammaloka videos on meditation (approx one year ago I think), but basically Ajahn Brahm said that memory is not stored anywhere and he used methaphors form quantum entanglement to illustrate this.

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In DN 28.7 (as reported in Banthe Sujato “A Swift Pair of Messengers”) the Budhha describes two kind of consciousness:
‘Again, having done this and gone beyond it, he understands a
person’s stream of consciousness unbroken on both sides, fixated in
this world and in the world beyond. This is the third attainment of
107 ‘Again, having done this and gone beyond it, he understands a
person’s stream of consciousness, unbroken on both sides, fixated
neither in this world nor in the world beyond. This is the fourth
attainment of vision.’

I have difficulty understanding what these two types of consciousness are as succently described in these two paragraphs.

Dear Alaber,

They are the consciousnesses of the ordinary person and the fully awakened one respectively. In both cases they refer to the ever-changing stream of consciousness, but in the latter case that consciousness is no longer stuck to world.

Does this answer your query?

With metta.

Yes. Thank you very much dear Ajahn.

This isn’t a link to Stef’s question, but Ajahn Brahm was asked something similar during this Q&A exchange on rebirth:

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i would be interested in being pointed at a specific sutta confirming this concept

because Ven. Sujato in one discussion in his blog said that he doesn’t think the khandha of consciousness is destroyed at physical death
hopefully i understood him correctly and don’t misquote him now

and i believe the sankhara-kandha must not be either, because this is a carrier of the drive of becoming