Khyentse Foundation Ashoka Grants?

Hello friends. I’m considering applying to Khyentse Foundation for their Ashoka Grants to support Buddhist translations done in local languages.

Now, I have reservations about Khyentse Norbu, and some of his questionable attitudes / messages in public. This is the part that gives me the eeks.

So I was wondering if there’s anyone here who has been a recipient of their grants in the past, what are the terms & conditions and all.

And perhaps this topic would also be a fine place to discuss other potential avenues for finding support / grants to translate Pāli texts into local languages (Turkish, in my case).

Any help and ideas would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Not an easy problem!

For those who don’t know:

What you see in public is the tip of the iceberg. His effusive and persistent praise for abusers like Trungpa or Sogyal is no coincidence.

It’s terrible that his organization is one of the few that is actually funding Buddhist studies internationally. Dhammakaya is one of the few others, and they are no better.

I’ve spoken with academics about this, and if there is anyone better around the place we’d love to know.

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Yeah, welp. It’s better to find anything (or nothing, really) than rely on such people truly. As I feared.

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If it were merely a matter of taking their money and running, that would be one thing. The problem is that they use the foundation to charity-wash Norbu’s reputation (again, like Dhammakaya). I don’t know what strings come attached to grants, but you see the Khyentse logo around the place, and presumably they require prominent acknowledgement.

I understand why people take the funding, sometimes you just have to survive. But we really need better options.