Killing doe’s n deer 🦌 in national parks .. the cause and effect conditions

Where’s the justice in slaying animals without using the rescoures to use for food …they are shot n left for dead to rot when did humans condition this as a worth institutional purpose in our human condition just as war opposes to this ?

My understanding is that overpopulation of deer outside of national parks is a man made condition.

In the US, their habitats have been destroyed or encroached upon. Their natural predators killed.

Kamma(Karma) is driven by intent.

Look at the intent of the individual hunters.

  1. I don’t think we have any theological governments in the world operating on Buddhist morality, which would ban all animal slaughtering in that country. So what do you expect?

  2. One can focus on the things one can do. Activism to save animals etc, going vegan to reduce no. of animals killed in factory farming. Promote veganism as your quote here is apt:

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