Kutananda Sutta somewhere in Niddesa?

As I was searching for some texts about Saṅkhāra, to get a deeper understanding of the term I stumbled upon this:
Sankhara by Anagarika Tevijjo

It has an very interesting quote from “The Gospel of Buddha” by Paul Carus. This is supposedly “Kutananda Sutta” from “[AS 498] Niddesa 10, #44”.

Since rebirth was always controversial to me (to say the least) this part got me very interested, as this description of rebirth is the first I found that sounds logical to me (far from being a proof of anything, but at least logical :wink: ).

My problem here is that I couldn’t find the text anywhere. Where exactly is this sutta in the Cannon? Is there any English translation of it available? Preferably online, but if it’s only in dead tree form it will do too :wink:

Hi Tuvok,

It’s actually DN 5.


I’ve found that sutta but briefly scanning it I failed to find the discussion about rebirth there, the text quoted in the pdf is something different.

“The Gospel of the Buddha” is highly dubious text: it’s more of what author wanted the Buddha to say, than what the Buddha actually said.


Yes, sorry, I failed to recognize that you were using a text from Carus. As Piotr notes, that book is filled with imaginative reconstructions of Carus’s own invention.

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