Laniakea our home supercluster



The visulisation is fantastic. It shows how tiny our galxy / planet / ourselfs are of course.

And to me it adds up to all the “recents” findings that point to very high likelyhood that we are not alone, never have been, and never will be. Regardless of our ability to connect with other world.

Funnily enough I like to see such data with Buddhist cosmology in mind. You can easily see how not discernable beginning to avija is to be found, given we’re only talking about one instance of our universe extension (which could collapse back into a big crunch and start again, like a pulsation lasting 100 billion of year(s).

Or you could see the universe breathing in some ways.

Or in the way the connection between clusters were displayed it almost looked like neuronal network and connections…

So, thanks for this cool post gnlaera!!!

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You’re very welcome @sukha!

Reminding ourselves of the big picture of the physical universe we find ourselves into is exactly the intention I had when sharing this.

The most amazing thing is that this is just one of the many superclustes so far mapped / identified!

In case you like this subject and would like to learn more, please do check this video as well:

@Gabriel_L Mind blowing…

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Amazing, thanks for sharing.

Interesting comparisons @sukha, the neural network came to my mind as well. Another is the idea of a fractal—maybe if you zoomed in enough on a neural network you’d find galaxies or if you zoomed out enough you’d find a neural network, maybe in alternate universes. Hard to say what the true structure of existence is, if there is such a thing. Mind blowing indeed.

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